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Saint Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14th, is a red-letter day in the lives of countless loving couples around the globe. It’s a date we all want to share with the special person in our lives, and at our hotel in Mallorca we are delighted to mark it in a particularly intense and memorable way.

The origins of Saint Valentine’s Day are lost in the mists of time. Some sources suggest it can be traced back to pagan Rome and the celebrations that revolved around the figure of Cupid, the god of love, held at the same time of year. Others refer to the figure of Saint Valentine, a priest who served under Emperor Claudius II in the third century. When the Emperor banned young men from getting married in order to recruit them as soldiers, Saint Valentine chose to disobey the decree, considering it unfair, and continued to wed young lovers in secret.

A prettier explanation, and one that seems to be in keeping with the spirit of the day, is the tradition that prevails in northern Europe: that the festival coincides with the date when birds start pairing up and begin their courtship and mating rituals.

This year the festival also coincides with the reopening of the hotel for the forthcoming 2015 season, the start of nine months of intense activity that we are already looking forward to after a fabulous 2014. We’ll keep you updated with all the details and news in future posts.

While romantic dinners, flowers and chocolates are typical gifts for Valentine’s Day, we’d like to propose pushing the boat out a little bit – after all, that special person in your life deserves nothing less!

This year we’re offering a special deal to celebrate Valentine’s Day at our hotel in Playa de Palma. This is an ideally romantic backdrop for you to enjoy two blissful nights in a room with views over Palma Bay, a spectacular spot to soak up the February sunsets amid the special winter light of Mallorca and an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the facilities of our hotel and spa.

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