--> “The main challenge it to maintain our hotel’s reputation as an emblematic, appreciated and valued establishment in the eyes of our clients”



  • Miquel Marti Director Hotel Aya

    Miquel Marti Director Hotel Aya


Miquel Marti is the manager of the Aya Hotel, a 4 star beach hotel in Playa de Palma. Since his appointment last June he has been in charge of running our well-known hotel, which so many guests hold dear.

After his first six months as hotel manager, he shares through this interview his first impressions and tells us a bit more about himself.

1. Last June you were appointed hotel manager of the Aya Hotel. What was the first thing you thought upon hearing the news?

I was very surprised, especially when the previous manager, Mr Ramon Sanchez, stepped down; he had been my boss for 15 years. It was he, when announcing his departure, who suggested I take over as hotel manager in front of the hotel’s owners. I am highly grateful to Mr Sanchez, both for his years of good work in common and for the trust he put in me. And, of course, to the hotel’s owners for betting on me as manager.

2. You took up the reins after the season had already started. Which has been the project you have been most excited to launch in your almost six months of management?

Being a hotel manager at this point of the season was an important challenge, but I counted with the advantage of knowing the hotel and how it works well after 17 years of working in it. The main challenge it to maintain our hotel’s reputation as an emblematic, appreciated and valued establishment in the eyes of our clients, just as I tried to do in my previous post as head of reception.

3. Is there anything you miss about your previous post as head of reception?

The thing I miss the most is having daily dealings with the guests and, especially, with the large amount of regular guests we receive every year. I try to talk with them during their stay, but of course this kind of contact does not happen on a daily basis. The wonderful views from the reception desk are also better than the ones I have from my office now [laughs].

4. You have been working at the Aya Hotel for 17 years, and there probably aren’t many people who know the hotel and its day-to-day atmosphere, especially during the season, better than you. Which three words best describe the essence of the hotel?

It’s hard to explain the essence of the hotel in only three words. I will mention three of the concepts that are most appreciated by our clients: service, friendly treatment and the hotel’s location.

5. As you just mentioned, the Aya Hotel is lucky to have many clients that come back year after year. What is the formula for success that makes this possible?

The service provided by our staff and the treatment the customers receive, which is both professional and friendly, are two of our strong points. It is clear that the wonderful location of the hotel, a few meters in front of the sea, the views and the comfort of the hotel in general also help us obtain very high levels of satisfaction, which make many clients repeat year after year.

6. And, lastly, a more personal question. What are you planning to do on Christmas?

I will enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. I will also use some days for working, preparing the 2016 season, which, as you can imagine, will be very special for me.

During the Christmas holidays the Aya Hotel will be closed to the public, but neither the staff nor myself want to miss the occasion to send you all a very special greeting. That is why, before the end of the season, we filmed this video. We hope you like it and hope to see you all in 2016!

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