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Modernist painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol was the first person to describe Mallorca, in the early 20th century, as “the Island of Calm". His book of the same name about Mallorca was first published in 1912. Rusiñol fell in love with this beautiful Mediterranean island and didn't hesitate to proclaim his love to the four winds, in the form of a book and in the form of a name that has stuck, perhaps without his even intending it. “Mallorca, the Island of Calm". It rings true.

A hundred years on, many things have changed. A lot can happen in a century, naturally. Mallorca's industrialization and the leading role it played during Spain's take-off as a tourist destination over 60 years ago have helped shape the island as it is today.

The Aya Hotel is a Mallorcan hotel that has been an eye witness to everything that's happened on the island since the nineteen fifties. We've been here for over 60 years! During that time many things have changed, but one thing remains the same: Mallorca is still the Island of Calm. For the 4-star hotels on Playa de Palma, being able to offer a service linked to relaxation and restfulness is a plus when it comes to guests' satisfaction.

At our spa hotel in Mallorca our guests' satisfaction - your satisfaction - comes first. We put ourselves in your shoes, because we too are travellers and tourists. And we have a fair idea of what makes you feel good when you're on holiday: the pleasure of spending time with your family, getting out of the rut and away from stress, leaving behind the little niggles of everyday life, going for a walk at sunset, walking along the water's edge on the beach, waking up each day and saying good morning to the Mediterranean, settling down in the shade with your favourite book, daring not to wear a watch! In a single word: enjoying.

And we guarantee that you'll be able to do just that during your stay at the Aya Hotel. Our nearness to the beach (we're on the seafront), swimming pool and gardens, solarium, bar with sea views, poolside café, gym, Spa & Wellness centre (with jacuzzi, cold showers, Turkish bath and Finnish sauna) and our treatments list are the ingredients that will make your stay with us highly relaxing and pleasant. Shall we expect you?

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