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  • Mallorca sport island

    Mallorca sport island


As you know, Mallorca is a perfect place for relaxation and enjoying the beach, but it’s also ideal as a sports venue. No wonder people flock to the island from all corners of the globe to practice their favourite sport.

Mallorca offers enviable weather and unique settings for particular sports. For example, it features thousands of excellent places for climbing and it also has some of the best golf courses in Europe.

Triathlon is another popular sport favoured by many in Mallorca. Running came first, a sport that still has many devotees among you; later, many people took up the challenge of triathlon, comprising running, swimming and cycling. Triathletes in Mallorca are fortunate to have the famous Ironman Mallorca race and its cut-down version, Ironman 70.3, right on their doorsteps.

Thanks to the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, many people use their stay as an opportunity to sail in Mallorca; and during the summer, many children take their first nautical lessons.

But of all Mallorca's sporting activities, our favourite has to be cycling. This is why we we work hard to become more specialized year after year. We adopt the newest and most modern services and facilities, and today we can say that we’re one of the most comprehensive sports hotels in Mallorca.

Mallorca offers cycling routes suitable for all kinds of levels, enabling both beginners and professional cyclists to find something that will challenge them, accompanied by the constant backdrop of stunning sea and mountain views.

Our cycling partner, Easy Tours, will provide all the tips and advice you need to wring every last drop of pleasure from your cycling holidays in Mallorca.

Each year, the best cycling teams in the world gather on the island to participate in the Challenge Ciclista Mallorca, a demanding test that professionals use to kick off the new season. In 2015, the race was held from January 29 to February 1. By the way, did you know that most cycling professionals stay in Playa de Palma?

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