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Spa Hotel in Playa de Palma (Majorca)

For those looking for a spa hotel in Majorca, the Hotel Aya is ideal to make the stay on the island as relaxing as possible.

The services of Spa and Wellness in Majorca are essential and make the difference in customer satisfaction of 4 star hotels.

The Hotel Aya is a spa hotel in Playa de Palma, where in addition to the proximity to the beach (therapeutic and relaxing action of the sea water), swimming pool and outdoor gardens, that encourage quiet enjoyment of the holiday either from the solarium or in the rooms; it is important to provide guests with specific infrastructure to ensure full relaxation, and our Spa & Wellness center has the necessary elements to make it possible.

The wellness center has the ideal infrastructure to relax sore muscles or to reduce stress after a workout or a long period of work. In the swimming pool, the relaxing action of water on different parts of the body, along with the relaxation that involves the silence and the floating sensation, make it easier for the body to relax helping to restore physical fitness and the sense of tranquility. We invite you to discover and pamper yourself in our hotel with spa in Playa de Palma (Majorca), a treat for all senses!

DETAILS: Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, cold showers, Turkish bath (steam bath) and sauna.

  • massages


    From Monday to Sunday
    From 10:30 to 19:30h

    The relaxing and therapeutic massages made by qualified professionals, make of Hotel Aya the best choice for a hotel with spa in Playa de Palma.

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  • sauna


    From Monday to Sunday
    From 10:30 to 19:30 h

    Finnish sauna, steam sauna

  • vapor sauna

    Baño de vapor

    From Monday to Sunday
    From 10:30 to 19:30 h

    In a typical hotel with spa in Majorca a dry sauna and steam room are a must. Both rooms have the same goal: to release toxins and activate blood circulation. The difference is that the Turkish bath or steam room has a high relative humidity (70%) and the sauna has it low at no more than 20%. Stays in high temperature rooms are combined with cold water showers, which enhance the effects of being in a high temperature room.

  • jacuzzi


    From Monday to Sunday
    From 10:30 to 19:30 h

    The Jacuzzi complements the pressure water circuit with the sensitivity and simplicity of capricious bubbles and has become an essential space in any hotel with Spa in Majorca. Whether near outdoor swimming pools or in private spaces, a Jacuzzi is always welcome.

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