Mallorca is famous for its beaches and good weather, but there’s “another Mallorca” worth discovering, much more traditional and rustic, and full of the culture and history that make it an all-round destination at any time of year.
hotel aya flor de almendro en mallorca
From the end of January until mid-February, one of the natural attractions you can’t miss is the flowering of the almond trees in Mallorca. Beautiful pink and white flowers throng the fields, offering a stunning contrast to the sky-blue backdrop.
There are currently about four million almond trees in Mallorca. In the 60s you could have found around seven million, but they have been on the decline for several reasons, including the abandonment of fields and farmers switching away from these types of crop to other more profitable, subsidized ones, such as olives.
Mallorca’s good weather and its iron and calcium-rich soils make the island the ideal place for this type of crop, bestowing upon the almond production an exceptional taste, aroma, and large fruit.
The main risk to almonds is the possible frost that can be experienced throughout February in Mallorca during the almond tree blossom season, which kills off flowers and leads to a significant impairment of the harvest.
Do you know why there are both white and pink flowers? The flower colour is indicative of the two varieties of almond: sweet almonds (white flowers) and bitter almonds (pink flowers).
Just as the Japanese celebrate hanami (the annual festival of cherry blossom), many nature-lovers come to Mallorca when the almond trees are in bloom to tour around the island and enjoy this ephemeral spectacle on foot, by car or by bicycle.
Cycling routes throughout the northern part of the island, central Mallorca (Bunyola, Santa Maria, Sencelles, Lloseta, Selva) or eastern Mallorca (Manacor, Son Servera and Sant Llorenç) are perfect for cycling amid fresh air and soaking up nature in a unique and very special way.
You can find more information on the flowering of the almond trees in Mallorca here.
We want to make things really easy for you at the Aya Hotel, so we have lined up a special trip enabling you to visit all the main locations in bloom. Our reception staff will be happy to give you all the details you need.