> Mallorca is a beautiful place; to not be able to enjoy the island because of the atmosphere is very disappointing. Garbage, noise or massification or only some of the things that can transform a paradise.
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In order to maintain the places we love beautiful we can not only preserve them, but also improve them. Raise the bar and don’t leave the beach as you found it, leave it better! In order for tourist behaviour to continue being exceptional, we offer you some tips we hope will be able to help.
● Throw all your garbage in a container, and if you find more trash lying around, throw it too. It’s a nice way of contributing to making our beaches cleaner.
● The time it takes a material to biodegrade is highly variable. A simple orange peel, for example, can take six months, whereas a cigarette filter can take anything between a year and twelve. But the worse is plastic, that plastic ring that binds six-packs together takes 450 years.
● Noise pollution can be very annoying. Listening to music with headphones or not shouting contribute to generating a nice atmosphere. A beach doesn’t have to be like a library or a church, but it couldn’t hurt to make it sound like a high-class restaurant.
● Don’t catch fish or take conches; you need a permit to fish. It is a regulated activity precisely in order to preserve marine life.
● Swimming when the red flag is up or going out of the areas in which one is allowed to swim is forbidden. A dangerous holiday behaviour could ruin it. ● If you surf, take into account that boards are considered small vessels and therefore must respect the spaces indicated for them.
● Using soap in public beach showers is forbidden.
All these holiday rules are not only for tourists but for the whole population. In order to preserve our beaches it is essential that the administration collaborate. The city hall of Palma includes a list of good behaviour on its website. The Ministry also involved beach bars in preserving the coast by making them adhere to a Decalogue of Good Practices and encourages them with prizes.
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