Important information for our clients

COVID-19 has caused an exceptional situation that requires specific measures. At AYA Seahotel – Adults Only, we have always opted for the implementation of Health and Safety measures to guarantee the well-being of our clients and to add value to their holiday at our hotel.
Behind each reservation there is an exhaustive preparation to offer you an unforgettable experience.
At AYA Seahotel – Adults Only we comply with all the legal and health requirements recommended the Government, but we always seek to intensify security, enhance and refresh the training of our team and validate our efforts.



AYA Seahotel – Adults Only has been working on the creation of personalized protocols in collaboration with Preverisk Group, an international consultancy specialized in advising, auditing and training in Health and Safety in the tourism industry. These safety and hygiene protocols serve to guide the operation of the hotels in their post-COVID reopening, entering into detail ateach one of the hotel’sdepartments, which will apply the new measures in their daily work to offer the maximum security guarantees to all guests.
Depending on the development of the situation and the knowledge acquired, the measures described in the protocols will evolve to adapt to the reality of the moment, always in favor of the health of customers and employees.
For this reason, sometimes you may run into different situations than those described in the original protocols.

If you wish, you can check out our sanitary protocol by clicking here


In addition to our renewed protocols, we have also obtained the seal of safe opening ‘21 (Covid Hygiene Responsive ‘21). All this added to a monitoring plan, where Preverisk will audit our hotel on a monthly basis in order to protect your well-being as much as possible. Within the Health & Safety audits, an extra one will be dedicated to the areas most sensitive to Covid19.
At AYA Seahotel we are committed to the continuous training of our team. We have a qualified, prepared and trained staff to manage the correct daily implementation of the measures and protocols for Covid19.
We value Health and Safety. Together with Preverisk we guarantee a safe and unforgettable experience. Our privileged location facing the sea, the quality of our services and facilities and respect for our environment makes AYA Seahotel the best option for your holidays in 2021.

Enjoy your experience at AYA Seahotel – Adults Only in the safest way!