As winter wanes and spring begins to bloom, cycling in Majorca becomes one of the main pastimes of the season. An increasing number of sportsmen travel to practice road cycling in Majorca, and the months of March, April and May are especially intense in Mallorca’s cycling calendar 2017.
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With few rains, temperatures of up to 24ºC and sunlight until 19:30 in March and about 21:00 in May, Mallorca becomes a prime destination for cycling lovers looking to fully enjoy the sport.
For all of you who plan to spend spring in Mallorca, here are some good practices to take into account in order to obtain the best road cycling benefits.
1.- Check the pressure of the tires, make sure the brakes work and that the bicycle is in good condition before you start pedalling.
2.- Make sure you’re carrying all the right documentation before you start the cycling route.
3.- Wear the right clothes to protect yourself from the heat of the first rays of sunlight.
4.- Seeing as it may still be cold in early spring, you should wear an undergarment to keep warm and dry.
5.- It may still rain occasionally in spring, therefore it’s advisable to not take chances on the road and cycle with caution.
6.- In the case of intense rain or extreme heat, you should take the necessary measures and postpone the trip if necessary.
7.- Check the traffic rules of the streets you will visit.
8.- It is advisable to travel in a group or at least with a friend.
9.- Always carry a charged cell phone with which to warn family or friends in case of emergency.
10.- Feel the experience and enjoy the moment and the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca.
These are some tips you should take into account if this spring you come to practice road cycling in Mallorca. At the Hotel Aya, a hotel specialized in cycling in Mallorca, we want you to enjoy this experience to the fullest, which is why we offer you the best facilities to make both your stay in Mallorca and your cycling trips perfect.