Travel to our hotel with your tablet PC or mobile and we'll provide your Internet access free of charge! This is for everyone who wants to share with their families and friends photos and events as they happen, or who's after web access for their apps. The Hotel Aya provides all its guests with free wireless Internet access. Just ask at reception for the password and start surfing.
hotel aya un hotel conectado con wifi gratis
Many of our guests use their tablets or laptops to talk to their families and friends on Skype or other video-calling systems. Picture postcards haven't died out, but more and more people are going in for a quick message from their terrace or room.
It may seem contradictory to want Internet access after you've gone away to "switch off", but more and more of our guests are asking to go online. Go ahead and visit the Hotel Aya, where you'll be able to do all these things free:
Check your email
Read the papers online
Share photos and participate in social networks.
Chat with the rest of the family online using instant messaging.
Enjoy using your apps while on holiday too.
For many holidaymakers, the availability of free wi-fi can clinch the choice of hotel for them. We at the Hotel Aya believe the time has come to get our guests online free. We also have two pay-per-use computers available in the Reception area for guests who only want to go online occasionally.