Amongst the hotels for cyclists in Mallorca, the Aya Hotel has a great deal to offer. Apart from its extensive menu of services for sportspeople, it connects directly with the principal minor roads, making it easy for you to organize your training route without cumbersome transfers or busy roads.
rutas ciclistas marina de llucmajor
One very interesting example of a cycling trail in Mallorca is the Llucmajor Marine Platform (Sa Marina de Llucmajor). Just 4.5 km from the Aya Hotel, the Llucmajor Marine Platform is a natural area of special interest, with a great central plateau and with areas of cliffs and marine profiles to the south.
The best way to get to the Llucmajor Marine Platform from the Aya Hotelis via the Seafront and using the Aqualand cycle path (km 2.2 from the hotel) thus avoiding any potential traffic as far as the motorway service road.
The Llucmajor Marine Platform consists of several principal through routes which can be combined for planning cycling, cycle touring, mountain bike and running trails of great beauty, free from traffic and with no difficult uphill stretches. Ideal for all sorts of training: regenerative, active convalescence, pre-season and technique, or simply for rides in the open air.
Examples of possible trails:
Trail 1. Aya Hotel - Son Verí. A level and simple trail of 28.9 km, ideal for out-of-condition sportspeople, for doing cyclical / circuit training or for technical training. The route runs along the service roads parallel to the motorway.
Trail 2. Aya Hotel - Camí de sa Torre - Camí de s'Àguila. Trail of 45.9 km In the first stretch (from km 2 to 9.5) it's advisable to keep to the hard shoulder.
Trail 3. Aya Hotel - Cabo Blanco - Camí Vell Cala Pi - Aya Hotel. Trail of 50 km In the first stretch (from km 2 to 9.5) it's advisable to keep to the hard shoulder.
Trail 4. Aya Hotel - Campos - sa Ràpita - s'Estanyol - Aya Hotel. Trail of 73 km. Medium difficulty
Trail 5. Aya Hotel - Llucmajor Marine Platform - Aya Hotel. A level and demanding trail of 137.5 km.
In future posts we'll explain other interesting connections from the Aya Hotel: cycle touring mountain trails in Mallorca, taking in picturesque inland villages and chapels; and lots of options for doing cycle touring in Mallorca. Without a doubt, the Aya Hotel's perfect setting and services make it a leader amongst the hotels for sportspeople in Mallorca.