To enjoy a spa day is an activity that more and more people practice every day, whether it be a spa day for couples, for singles or even as a day out with friends - it's up to you!
hotel aya consejos dia de spa
In this blogpost we want to share with you some tips and recommendations in order for you to make the most of your pampering day at the spa:
1. Make sure about the equipment you need before you go, such as flip-flops, swimming cap, towel or bathing suit - also check if you can get it from the center.
2. Get there early, with plenty of time. The aim of spending some time at the spa is to relax, so avoiding the rush will help you switch off faster and have a more enjoyable experience.
3. Do not eat large amounts of food during the last hour before the session. However, you shouldn’t go hungry either, so it is wise to eat lightly about two hours before starting.
4. Being well hydrated increases the spa’s purifying and moisturizing effects, so it is recommendable to drink plenty of water before going to the spa.
5. If this is your first time or you're not sure about something, ask the staff. Likewise, if something bothers you, be it the music or the ambient temperature, let the staff know so that they can help you.
6. Follow a predetermined circuit.
7. The cold showers must be quick - a few seconds long - and should wet the whole body. This should be enough time to obtain a beneficial invigorating effect.
8. Sauna and steam room sessions should not be too long. The best way to enjoy them is to alternate them with breaks every 8-10 minutes. If you feel any symptoms of discomfort, just stop and take a rest.
9. The recommended time to enjoy a spa circuit is between 1 hour and 90 minutes.
10. After the circuit, you may want to sit or lie somewhere quiet. At this point, it is good to drink some mineral water or a natural juice.
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