Christmas in Mallorca tends to be a traditional kind of celebration, both in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, and in the towns and villages. Mass is held at all churches in Mallorca, including the Cathedral with the well-known Song of the Sibyl at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Christmastime also features traditional Christmas fare and family reunions, since many students return home to spend Christmas with their families and friends.
hotel aya navidad en mallorca
The Christmas lights in streets throughout the island are turned on in early December, and from about that time too you can buy hot chestnuts freshly roasted at braziers in the street. Another traditional Christmas delicacy is torró—blocks of nougat sold at supermarkets and grocery stores.
Traditionally torró is made with egg yolks and flavoured with almonds, and there are also many modern variations on this theme, including torró with chocolate and nuts. The sound of carol-singing rings out through the streets of Palma, adding to the festive feel. We at the Hotel Aya think you may enjoy going for a stroll around the city or attending a Christmas concert by a local band of musicians or by the Blauets de Lluc boys' choir at the Santuari de Lluc monastery.
Another tip for visitors: at the Plaza Mayor square in Palma and at other weekly markets elsewhere you can buy figurines and all kinds of trimmings to make a Nativity Scene for your home. What do you think of that for a souvenir?
Merry Christmas and Molts d'anys a tots! (Molts d'anys a tots is the expression that Mallorcans use to wish people a Merry Christmas in Catalan).